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              YS-EM311 Conference Panel Board
              It has a wide range of applications in conference flat panel, conference machine and other fields
              • Android 11 system

              • Amlogic A311D2

                Octa-core high-performance chip

              • Ethernet/WIF/BT

              • VBYONE/HDMI output

                HDMI input

              • Support TF card

                Extended storage

              • Support secondary development

              Conference tablet motherboard

              Chip: A311D2

              System: Support Android 11

              Function: Support VBYONE/HDMI 4k HD output, support HDMI input

              Interface: rich motherboard interface, support external interface

              high performance processor
              • chip
              • CPU
              • main frequency
              • A311D2
              • Quad Core Cortex-A73 + Quad Core Cortex-A53
              • 2.2GHz
              • GPU
              • storage
              • video decoding
              • Mali-G52 MP8
              • DDR-4G(8G) EMMC-32(64G/128G)
              • 4Kx2Kp60 + 1x1080p60
              Rich interface
              • USB interface
              • serial port
              • OPS interface
              • ADC button
              • DP interface
              • headphone jack
              • Speaker interface
              • TF card
              • 6 USB3.0 (3 Type-A, 2 Type-C, 1 Type-C with PD2.0 fast charge); 6 USB2.0 (1 USB_OTG/HOST, 2 Type-A) , 3 built-in interfaces)
              • 2 TTL serial ports, 1 Debug serial port (TTL/RS232)
              • 1 OPS interface
              • 8 ADC buttons
              • 1 DP input interface
              • Headphone jack with MIC input
              • Up to two 8Ω5W speakers can be connected
              • Support up to 128G storage
              Support Android system customization

              The operating system is Android 11, which supports Android system customization

              Provide system API interface code to support customer upper-level APP development

              High-definition display with delicate picture quality

              Support HDMI 2160P@60Hz output

              Support HDMI IN 3840X2160@60Hz input

              Support VBYONE 4K 60HZ/120HZ display output

              Support DP 3840X2160@60Hz input

              Support dual-screen display

              Strong Internet Unlimited Links

              Support 1000M/100M/10M adaptive Ethernet

              Support WIFI6

              Support BT5.0
              Application scenarios
              Digital signage
              Self-service terminal
              Smart meeting
              Advertising machine
              Digital Photo Frames
              Product parameters
              • CPU

                Quad Core Cortex-A73 + Quad Core Cortex-A53

                Main frequency up to 2.2GHz

              • GPU

                Mali-G52 MP8

              • multimedia

                4Kx2Kp60 + 1x1080p60 video decoding

              • system

                Android 11

              • storage

                DDR default 4G can support up to 8G; EMMC default 32G, can be extended up to 128G

              • Peripheral interface

                Support 1000M/100M/10M adaptive Ethernet input

                Support WIFI 6, BT5.0; support sharing WIFI hotspot

                6 USB3.0 (3 Type-A, 2 Type-C, 1 Type-C with PD2.0 fast charge); 6 USB2.0 (1 USB_OTG/HOST, 2 Type-A) , 3 built-in interfaces); 2 USB3.0-OUT

                2 TTL serial ports, 1 Debug serial port (TTL/RS232)

                2 HDMI_IN ports, up to 3840X2160@60Hz input

                1 HDMI output interface, supports up to 2160P@60Hz output

                1 VBYONE interface, support 4K 60HZ/120HZ display output

                1 OPS interface, after connecting the OPS daughter board, it can be connected to a standard OPS computer

                1 DP input interface, supports up to 3840X2160@60Hz input

                1 speaker port, 1 front port

                8 ADC buttons

                1 remote control interface

                Support speaker interface, up to two 8Ω 15W, dual-channel speaker output; support one woofer

                Support 1 IIC, 1 MIC array, 1 headphone audio output, 1 spdif audio output

              Customized service
              • Intention to negotiate

                Communication between the two parties

              • demand analysis

                The plan is determined

                Delivery assessment

                contract payment

              • design drawing

                Drawing confirmation

              • Preparation production

                Production and processing

              • test aging

                Quality inspection

                package delivery

              • After-sales service tracking

              After-sales introduction
              • Exclusive service

                FAE 1 to 1 exclusive service

              • Technical Support

                Chip original factory

                Technical Support

              • application service

                Complete cross-system on chip

                application service

              • 7 days maintenance

                3 years warranty 7 days maintenance

                Full technical support

              • The bad screen rate is 5‰

                Guaranteed one-year bad screen rate

                5‰ (after installation)

              • Listing cooperation

                All PCB boards of the motherboard

                Cooperate with listed board factory

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