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              YS-F99 Industrial Control Box
              Perfect support for the letter and distribution system, supporting remote production, publishing, management and real-time updating of programs
              • high performance

                Rockchip RK3399 high performance chip

              • Cost-effective

                Strong performance, high-definition output

                Support Ethernet/WIFI/BT by default

                Support 4G expansion

              • High scalability

                Rich interfaces to meet various peripheral requirements

              • operating system

                Android 7.1/9.0 system

                Support linux system

              • open source code

                Open SDK and related materials

                Support secondary development

              • Mail software

                The device comes with ETV information release software

              Application scenarios
              This product has a wide range of application scenarios in the smart business display industry. Such as: digital signage, advertising machine, electronic class board, tablet, etc., which are perfectly suitable for Yisheng Technology ETV information release system.
              Excellent performance

              Adopt Rockchip RK3399 dual Cortex-A72 + quad Cortex-A53 large and small core CPU structure, frequency up to 1.8GHz

              DDR-2G (4G) EMMC-8G (16G/32G/64G optional)

              Support Android linux system customization

              The operating system is Android 7.1/9.0, supports linux system, and provides system call interface API reference code

              Perfectly support the development of upper-layer application APP for customers.

              HDMI high-definition output

              Up to HDMI2.0 4K@60HZ output

              Support split screen, horizontal and vertical screen, auto play when power on

              Rich interface

              1 auto-adaptive Ethernet port

              1 12V power interface

              4G module interface (optional)

              2 USB 2.0 HOST and 1 Type-C port

              TF card, SIM card slot

              HDMI2.0 output

              2 RS232 serial ports

              2 TTL serial ports (1 DEBUG serial port)

              letter system

              The device comes with ETV information publishing software, which is more convenient for users to publish information

              Parts List

              1*Adapter 1*Remote Control 2 Antennas 1*Packing Box

              Product parameters
              • CPU

                Dual Cortex-A72+Quad Cortex-A53 Core CPU Structure

                Main frequency up to 1.8GHz

              • GPU


              • Running memory

                DDR 2G(4G)

              • Storage memory

                EMMC 8G (16G/32G/64G optional)

              • Peripheral interface

                1 auto-adaptive Ethernet port

                1 12V power interface

                4G module interface (optional)

                2 USB 2.0 HOST and 1 Type-C port

                TF card, SIM card slot

                HDMI2.0 output

              • Expansion board interface

                USB 2.0 HOST

                RS232 serial port

                TTL serial port

                1 switch button interface

                1 infrared light display, 1 LED light display

                3 general-purpose GPIO ports

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