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              EMeeting Cloud Platform Conference Reservation System
              The software system can conveniently and efficiently book meetings, master meeting procedures, and manage meeting equipment.
              Immediately to
              EMeeting Conference Reservation System

              Esoncloud EMeeting Conference Reservation is an intelligent conference reservation system that supports multiple conference reservation methods on PC and WeChat public account; supports conference sign-in, temporary conference reservation/cancellation/delay, conference review, conference room management, etc.; support Compatible with terminal equipment to display meeting reservation, face recognition check-in, scan code check-in, and advertising information release

              EMeeting software advantages
              • Reduce management costs

                Environmental intelligent control and resource management optimization strategies can effectively reduce the operating cost of enterprises and help enterprises maximize the value of office assets

              • Improve office efficiency

                Online management of intelligent conference rooms, intelligent environmental control, visualization of environmental data, improve department operation and space resource utilization efficiency

              • Help business decision-making

                Statistical analysis of smart office data, help leaders understand resource usage in real time, and provide an effective basis for future business decisions

              • Show corporate image

                Intelligent cockpit, real-time display of usage data, showing the image of enterprise intelligent data management, demonstrating enterprise strength and creating cooperation possibilities

              EMeeting usage process
              • Initiate a reservation

                When the user quickly inquires and selects a suitable meeting room through various methods such as WEB pages and WeChat

              • meeting review

                The meeting is scheduled for review and can be set according to the actual situation of the company

              • Meeting announcement

                The system can notify participants of the notification by email, text message, etc.

              • Conference display

                The display screen at the entrance of the conference room can display the usage of the conference room in real time, and the personnel can keep abreast of the conference arrangement

              • Conference Registration

                Users need to sign in with face recognition and WeChat scan code before the meeting is held

              • The meeting was held

                After the meeting scheduler signs in the meeting room, the meeting will be held on time according to the scheduled time and place

              • meeting extension

                The current meeting will be extended without affecting the next meeting

              • an early closure

                The current meeting will be extended without affecting the next meeting

              • End of the meeting

                When the scheduled end time is reached, the meeting ends

              • Statistics

                The system can statistically analyze data to help managers effectively manage meeting resources

              Main features of EMeeting
              • Big data statistics

                Data statistics, statistics are the current day, the current week, the current month, the current year's conference room usage statistics, conference duration statistics, conference time statistics and three summary data.

              • Hierarchical management

                The account is divided into 4 levels of employee management. Click the personnel management button to view all personnel information, and click the grouping tree structure on the left to view the employee information under the group.

              • Appointment on PC

                There are three options for meeting reservation: 1 quick reservation 2 standard reservation, 3 periodic reservation (for fixed-time meetings, periodic reservation can be used, which is convenient and fast), you can check the meeting notice by email, SMS, and WeChat, and the meeting reservation status is clear at a glance.

              • WeChat public account appointment

                The Yisheng Conference Reservation System can reserve conference rooms through the WeChat public account, and can easily and quickly complete conference reservations and conference queries without being limited by the scene.

              • Face sign in

                The Yisheng conference reservation system adopts a high-precision face recognition check-in algorithm with a recognition rate of 99% and a recognition speed of less than 1S. The check-in information can be viewed directly by clicking the button on the upper left, and the check-in record is directly saved to the system. Emails are sent to the meeting host, and the PC terminal can view check-in records, personnel photos and other information anytime, anywhere.

              • Video voice conference

                Yisheng EMeeting conference system can transmit audio, video and document data to each other through transmission lines and multimedia equipment to achieve real-time and interactive communication, so as to realize simultaneous video conferences.

              • Account management

                EMeeting conference reservation system can realize the management of reservation conference, reservation personnel management, reservation equipment management and information release management.

              • end device style

                The conference reservation device generally adopts the display device of the third-party terminal and hangs in the conference room.

              Application Scenarios
              Conference reservation equipment
              Conference reservation equipment
              Conference touch all-in-one machine
              Conference touch all-in-one machine
              Electronic class card
              Electronic class card
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