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              ETV Cloud Platform Information Release System
              The software is widely used in commercial display, advertising media, real-time information and other work scenarios
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              ETV Information Release System

              Yisheng Technology's ETV information release system integrates network technology, information technology and multimedia technology to release various types of information. The software is widely used in commercial display, advertising media, real-time information and other work scenarios. It can be used for program production on both PC and mobile terminals. It is easy to use and designed for "non-professionals". It can be applied to all kinds of display equipment, such as: digital signage, advertising machine, touch all-in-one machine, TV, LED display, LED splicing screen, etc.

              Advantages of ETV Information Publishing Software
              • Remote operation

                ETV Xinfa software can realize remote operation and control of ETV information release software, remote switch on and off, remote upload of video pictures, remote editing of programs, etc.

              • Program Editor

                ETV Newsletter software comes with a content editor, which is easy to use and powerful, and can easily realize unique advertising ideas.

              • Various play modes

                The ETV information release system supports a variety of playback modes such as text, pictures, and videos, whether it is dual-screen different display, horizontal screen, or vertical screen.

              • Wide range of application scenarios

                ETV information release system is widely used in commercial display, advertising media, real-time information and other work scenarios.

              The use process of ETV information release system
              • Login account

                Use the registered account to log in to the ETV information release system

              • Add promotional equipment

                Add registered terminal equipment that needs to publish advertisements to enter the information publishing system

              • Upload material

                Upload the text, pictures, videos and other content to be published to the information publishing system

              • New show

                Create a new program to be published, and import the material for editing

              • New task

                Create a new promotion task, import the program, select the playback mode, select the sending device, and complete the information sending

              • Data report statistics

                You can view the data statistics table in the background to view the display duration and times, etc.

              • remote control

                You can remotely control the signaling system to switch on and off, release tasks, etc. through the mobile phone applet or the background

              • Role management

                One or more roles can be added to manage Xinfa accounts

              • Self-built local area network

                Self-built local area network to manage information publishing software

              • Xinfa software can be upgraded online

                You can upgrade the Xinfa software online without reinstalling

              Main functions of ETV signaling system
              • Scheme Architecture

                The system adopts B/S architecture to support wide area network and local area network; for centralized and decentralized application scenarios, local area network management and cloud server management can be selected.

              • Efficient and convenient management

                The B/S structure is adopted, which is convenient for users to manage the system. Remote login access, you can control the management system according to the set permissions. To add a terminal, just register the terminal to the server.

              Application Scenarios
              Advertising machine
              Advertising machine
              Digital Photo Frames
              Digital Photo Frames
              Smart screen
              Smart screen
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